chiropractor near you may be able to help knee pain

Health Centered Medical | A Knee, Back & Joint Pain Clinic offers an FDA-approved joint supplement with virtually no side effects for those affected by arthritis in the knee. If you are struggling with knee pain in Seymour IN we are here to help!

How It Works

Our joint injections work as a natural lubricant that simultaneously works as an anti-inflammatory. You can think of it as the oil given to the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz.

If you have an arthritic knee, we can’t remove the arthritis. However, we can make it so your joint isn’t “squeaky” and can move properly.

Natural Injections in Seymour IN

The hyaluronic acid found in our knee injections is a mixture made of highly purified sodium hyaluronate. This mixture is a natural chemical present in concentrated amounts in joint tissues and in the fluid that fills the joints.

This therapy offers patients effective relief from the pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid is safe, and effective and does not have the negative side effects often caused by other types of injection.

Could our natural arthritis therapy be just what your knees need? Contact us today to find out.

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