Massage Myths in Seymour IN

Massage Myths In Seymour IN

Massage Myths

You've probably heard and seen the popularizing of massage therapy through growing chains like Massage Envy and Hand and Stone. But what are its benefits medically?

In the past, massage therapy has commonly been thought of purely as a form of pampering that had no true therapeutic value. However, doctors are now more and more sending their patients to a massage therapist in Seymour IN to aid in recovery or overall well-being.

Some benefits include:

  • Reducing muscle tension and stiffness
  • Relieving muscle spasms
  • Increasing joint and limb flexibility and range of motion
  • Improving blood circulation and movement of lymph
  • Relieving tension-related headaches and eyestrain
  • Promoting faster healing of soft tissue injuries, such as pulled muscles and sprained ligaments
  • Reducing pain and swelling related to injuries
  • Reducing the formation of scar tissue following soft tissue injuries
  • Enhancing health and nourishment of skin
  • Improving posture by changing tension patterns that affect posture
  • Reducing emotional or physical stress and reducing anxiety

Chances are you've probably heard of at least one of these benefits, but you've probably also heard some myths.

Common Massage Myths Debunked by Seymour IN Chiropractor

  1. Massage therapists just help move muscles around.
    • Trained massage therapists can help alleviate swollen joints by gently moving stagnant synovial fluid. They can also stretch tightened areas of the fascia, the tissue that connects bones, joints and muscles.
  2. The effects of a massage are only temporary.
    • A massage therapist is able to help "retrain" muscles' memory to help reduce pain and stress on a body long after the treatment session is over. Having a regular massage schedule can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle, and can be a lifesaver for those suffering from chronic pain or stiffness.
  3. Massage will get rid of cellulite.
    • Cellulite is just an annoying and unfortunate fact of life. It's simply a sign of subcutaneous fat cells, and is more connected your heredity than anything else. Cellulite is a completely normal part of one's body, and poses no medical issues. On the other hand, helping alleviate post-workout stiffness and pain can help with keeping up a fitness routine, which may reduce the appearance of cellulite over time.

Massage, through continuing studies, is showing itself to be more and more beneficial and essential to natural and holistic health approaches mentally and physically. Here at Health Centered Medical | A Knee, Back & Joint Pain Clinic we are thankful for our three medically licensed and experienced massage therapists. We are looking forward to continuing to offer this treatment right here in Seymour IN.

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