Can a Seymour IN chiropractor fix scoliosis?

One of the questions a Seymour IN chiropractor is faced with is whether they can treat scoliosis. The question is usually based on one or two bad experiences from chiropractors. Usually, the patient is cynical because of broken promises or as a result of a misunderstanding between him and his chiropractor. The truth of the matter is that indeed it is within the chiropractor's capability to greatly improve the quality of your life. Secondly, the answer to that question is one that begs careful consideration. Let us take a look at circumstances surrounding the treatment of this condition.

Setting Expectations Within Reason

Scoliosis is a treatable condition; sadly it does not have a known cure. The condition is at times likened to diabetes because it requires continuous care. As a patient, you need to appreciate the fact that this is a challenge that you will have to undergo for the rest of your life. Be as it may, finding the proper way of managing the condition will ensure that you live your life to the fullest. This can only be guaranteed if the patient stays within the recommendations of the doctor. On the bright side, the condition can still be managed without having to undergo surgery.

Doctors promising a quick fix treatment regime usually end up disappointing their patient. A quick fix is easier said than done. Majority of this quick fix procedures usually end up escalating the patient's condition rather than help it. They have no positive impact on the patient's life whatsoever. The patient needs to understand what fixing really entails and after the realization, the right chiropractor must be found for him/her.

Not all Seymour IN Chiropractors Work on Scoliosis

This is a condition where the patient's spine has a sideways curve. Making the condition unique by nature and it, therefore, requires a unique approach to contain it. Most chiropractors will engage the condition as any other spine condition. This approach is deemed to fail from the get-go.

The Treatment of Scoliosis

Ordinarily, a chiropractor in Seymour IN looks for ''stuck'' joints in the spine. After identifying the joints he /she endeavors to ''unstuck'' the joints. The thing about scoliosis is that joint mobility isn't the primary issue. Location of the joints is the cause of the problem. The use of traditional chiropractic means to treat this condition has terrible effects on the patient. The approach exerts more pressure on the spinal joints, which leads to the aggravation of the surrounding nerves and ultimately worsening of the patient's condition over time.

The proper way of going at it is to re-position the joints of the spine in the first instance. For the patient to enjoy long-term benefits of the treatment a lot needs to be done other than just repositioning. The patient's muscles need to be relaxed and his/her brain needs training so as to be able to use muscles and spinal joints in a different way. Effective treatment of the condition requires that these things be carried out simultaneously. This is by way of stretches, massages, and exercises using specific adjustments for scoliosis.

The Rigidity of the Spine

The doctor first asses how rigid the spine is. This gives the chiropractor an idea of how much work may be required before undertaking the repositioning process. Doctors are not just interested in the muscles, discs, and bones. The nerves in the patient's spine are also considered. The doctor will be keen on establishing how much tension the nerves are undergoing. While most people believe that nerve tension is the primary cause of scoliosis, chiropractors believe that the quality of the patient's life plays a big role. By effectively reducing nerve tension the patient begins to feel better as doctors continue treating the spine.

Sensorimotor Integration

The term sensorimotor integration describes the process of how well your brain communicates with your body. Where there is miscommunication, issues are bound to arise. These issues may include scoliosis, treating this condition needs us to retain the brain to use the body and specifically your spine in a manner that it's not used to.

This procedure features several balance related tests for the purpose of seeing how aligned the spine is from the start. This procedure is repeated throughout the treatment and the patient's improvement is noted. This is an important part of the treatment process that many chiropractors ignore when it comes to treating this condition.

Patient Participation

This is a critical aspect of the treatment process. The doctors will be able to chart your improvement based on how dedicated you are to the treatment process. The more dedicated a patient is, the greater the improvements in the quality of their lives.

The most important thing is to locate a chiropractor who can successfully diagnose your scoliosis. It is advisable for the patient to engage the doctor with questions throughout the entire treatment process. The better the patient understands their treatment plan and diagnosis the more effectively he/she will respond to the treatment. This will greatly improve the quality of their life.

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